Tuesday, March 4, 2008

McCain Hates Warnings about Body Bags

Another "war president"?''

Colin Powell is the first Chairman since the end of the Vietnam War that doesn't constantly warn us about body bags, a habit that always made me grind my teeth,'' said Senator John McCain, a Republican of Arizona. NYTimes, August 17, 1990.

During his re-election campaign, George W. Bush told the American public,
I'm a war president. I make decisions here in the Oval Office in foreign-policy matters with war on my mind. Again, I wish it wasn't true, but it is true. And the American people need to know they got a president who sees the world the way it is. And I see dangers that exist, and it's important for us to deal with them. MSNBC, February 8, 2004.
Now, John McCain is a man who hates warnings about body bags, while his top advisers tell him that the cost of the Iraq War, in lives and to our Treasury, is about right. And to religious advisers to McCain openly advise him to start a first strike war against Iran. Isn't John McCain just another "war president", regardless of what he says on the campaign trail? And isn't he going to try to convince the American people to elect him, with war on their minds, rather than electing Barack Obama in the hopes of peace?

Hillary Clinton agrees, saying recently with respect to the 2008 presidential race, "This is a wartime election, which Democrats haven't talked enough about in my opinion." MSNBC, March 3, 2008.


Anonymous said...

If McCain wants to be a "war president" he's going to need to get the generals to stop being afraid of him.
Military officials worried about McCain’s ‘knee-jerk response factor’

In other words, they're afraid he might get pissed off and start ordering first strikes and nuclear attacks.
Keep in mind we almost got nuked by Russia in 83 because of a hot head.

K. Kojei said...

I look in the eyes of people I meet with an understanding that the eyes are the best source of information concerning the character, intellect, emotional and spiritual state of a person. Truly, the eyes have it. Look at this guy. Look in his eyes.
Do you see wisdom, love, compassion, sanity? Sorry! It's not there. If it ever was, it's gone now.