Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Insanity of John McCain on Meet the Press - A YouTube Video

Hat Tips to Calitejano and Firedoglake.

When you see how incoherent John McCain is in the above Meet the Press interview, you realize that:

  1. Interviews are far more useful than debates in showing how the candidate thinks (and fails to think);
  2. John McCain cannot explain his decision to nominate Sarah Palin, because it is inexplicable in terms of the traditional purposes of selecting a running mate, and the polls are showing that most people agree.
  3. If a man as incoherent as John McCain becomes the leader of the free world (or God forbid he has an aneurism and Sarah Palin takes control), America would be in for a biblical-sized time of self-immolation and implosion, even bigger than the Bush economic meltdown America is now suffering.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I tend to agree that interviews can be more substantial than debates, especially because the debate format didn't allow for a lot of followup.

In today's update, [b]we find out that McCain doesn't like you. Especially you.[/b] And Firedoglake too.

Long story shourt, McCain and his campaign calls bloggers "young, snarky, liberal" and they're not happy with the reporters on their "Straight Talk Express" blogging his every word and not ask followup questions, saying it's not real journalism. In other words, blog postings and stories not favorable to him are not journalism.

Of course, if McCain would THINK BEFORE HE SPOKE like other candidates, he would not be in this mess.