Wednesday, February 27, 2008

McCain Staffer Warned Him that His Big Contributor Was Trying to Bribe Him

Is John McCain too tainted with scandal and bribery accusations to become president of the United States? The New York Times reported on November 21, 1990,
Ms. van Paasschen, a banking expert on Mr. McCain's staff, explained her distrust of Senator DeConcini's motive in seeking Mr. McCain's cooperation on the Keating case by pointing out that Mr. McCain had received more campaign contributions from Mr. Keating. "So if the press were to ever get a hold of it," she said, referring to the Senators' assistance, "it would be more embarrassing for Senator McCain than for Senator DeConcini." NYT, November 21, 1990
Because John McCain failed to take appropriate action based on the warning that a major contributor of his was trying to bribe US Senators, this eventually became know as the "Keating Five Scandal", in which John McCain was investigated and embarrassed.

And John McCain still thinks he should be president of the United States?

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