Thursday, February 28, 2008

McCain's Autobiography Provides Frightening Exampes of Messainic Militarism

Hot McCain Tip from Agent X:

Would a John McCain presidency bring a dangerous expansion of Middle Eastern wars to include Iran and other countries? After reviewing John McCain's autobiography, Faith of My Fathers (8.98 w/shipping at, AlterNet says:

But McCain's entire career has been dedicated to the idea that America must always have the right to solve its problems by force. Throughout his political career, he has argued for increased use of force in virtually every military engagement the U.S. has been involved in since Vietnam. He complained about Bill Clinton's "excessively restricted air campaign" in Kosovo, campaigning strenuously for a ground invasion. During the 1994 flap over Pyongyang's nuclear program, he called for "more forceful, coercive action." Even before the latest Iraq War, McCain argued way back in 1999 that the only way to deal with Saddam Hussein was "to strike disproportionate to the provocation."

The most frightening example of McCain's fondness for force is on display in his own book, Faith of My Fathers, when he complains about the politicians who refused to allow pilots like him to attack, say, Soviet ships unloading arms in Vietnamese port cities. "We thought our civilian commanders were complete idiots," he writes.

Bombing Soviet ships, of course, would probably have started World War III, but McCain's vision, then and now, encompasses war as a way of life. There is significant evidence that McCain believes war is something righteous and necessary, a tonic for the national soul, intrinsically "noble" irrespective of context (he is still one of the only politicians to apply that word to the Iraq conflict). That is why it's no joke when McCain says casually, "There's gonna be other wars," or when he sings, "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran." We have to assume that he will jump at the chance to expand this conflict and hit those politically sensitive targets his "complete idiot" civilian commanders once barred him from going after in Vietnam. AlterNet, February 28, 2008.

With American wars raging in Afghanistan and Iraq, voters want a president to successfully end the wars we have rather than spreading them to include more countries. That's why McCain's presidential candidacy is "bomb, bomb, bombing" with the American voters.

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Anonymous said...

Now, if he had bombed Soviet ships, it would have triggered a major escalation- which could have led to WWIII.

The "hundred years war" card is his only card left to play.

Well, that and the race card- which he's having his buddies unwittingly play it for him. The Cunningham incident is proof-positive of that.

In his attempts to cozy up to the Rabid Religious Right, he accepts the support of John Hagee, the guy who said that Katrina was the work of God, the man who called Catholics living during WWII Nazi supporters. And yet Obama gets heat for having Farrakhan's support?
So here's today's latest McCain shame.
And here, Francis, we thought anti-Catholic bashing went out with the 1840s.