Saturday, April 19, 2008

McCain Deceived, then Divorced First Wife

Mother Jones says it's quite hypocritical of John McCain to cast himself as the family values candidate, when his own life evinces family disregard:

The ol' family values schtick—and McCain's family values—happen to incorporate military values. But for more on McCain and family values, let's turn to a 1999 Arizona Republic profile of McCain (which does not appear to be available on-line):
He prides himself on his personal integrity yet admits he wasn't faithful to his first wife, Carol, who was injured in a horrific car accident while McCain was in Vietnam....
McCain needed a divorce from his wife of 14 years, Carol, who had been badly injured in a car accident while McCain languished in Hanoi.
The marriage had been strained by his years of absence, along with McCain's admitted affairs after returning from Vietnam.
In February 1980, less than a year after he met Cindy, McCain petitioned a Florida court to dissolve his marriage to Carol, calling the union "irretrievably broken."
McCain's entitled to use his life's story as part of his campaign narrative. But if his campaign is going to play the family card, there's more than, as the ad references, "honor, courage, duty, perseverance and leadership" in the story of John McCain, family man. Mother Jones

Apparently, John McCain doesn't value his second wife much more than the first. He's called her a "c*nt" in public.


Anonymous said...

He is a raving lunatic. If he succeds in winning the white house, imaging George Bush behind closed doors. That's who John McCain really is!!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course littlegreenfootballs is throwing a hissy fit over a townhall meeting in which someone DARED question McCain's use of the word c*nt.

The divorce after the car accident crippling puts him right on par with Newt Gingrich.

Francis Holland said...

At every press briefing, town hall and photo-op, I hope McCain will be asked if he still believes his wife is a "cunt." (Although I would prefer not to, I'm writing out the whole word, this one time, to make this word searchable here at Google.)

If McCain no longer believes that his wife is a "c*nt," I'd also like to know when he stopped calling her that.