Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Wow! Read all the dirt about John McCain in one place!"

The blog follows the activities of movie stars, but they're not about to let John McCain become president without a fight, and blow us all to the stars. says, "Wow! Read all the dirt about John McCain in one place!" And here's there March 25th compilation of all the dirt they've found at "Truth About McCain"!

McCain is on holiday in the Middle East playing 'pretend President'. Meanwhile, someone has written a blog containing a massive amount of dirt on him. Some of the pearls contained:

McCain Financial Scandal Cost US Treasury Two Billion Dollars - A review of New York Times archives from 1990 and 1991 shows that Senator John McCain was a subject of a major financial and bank scandal, known as the "Savings and Loan Scandal", that dominated news coverage of the US Congress during that period.

McCain Retracts "No New Taxes" Pledge After Two Weeks
McCain Received $110,000 from Bank Whose Failure Cost US Treasury 2Billion Dollars - McCain was caught "intervening with regulators on behalf of Mr. Keating at a time when his Lincoln Savings and Loan Association was on the verge of collapse."

McCain Would be the Oldest Man Ever Elected President - Now he is hoping to be the oldest man ever elected to a first term as president. Even if the melanoma returns, he would not be the first sitting president to have had cancer. - Who will be his running mate? This really matters now. The VP spot is usually worthless, but this guy is ancient and living on borrowed time anyway.

Republican Ex-Senator Bob Dole Says McCain is a Hot-Head - With a top campaign adviser and extreme religious zealots advising McCain to go to war with Iran, one wonders what would stop McCain, in a moment of stress, from starting a first strike nuclear or coventional war with Iran. And once he starts it and can't get his "mission accomplished" moment, what will he do when the war insistently refuses to live up to his expectations?

John McCain was not born in the USA, he was born in Panama. According to the Constitution only US born citizens can be elected President. Read more.

Lord knows that the whitosphere and the afrosphere don't agree about everything, but there's one thing about which we are in complete agreement and allied and joined at the hip: John Sydney McCain, III must NEVER, EVER become president of these United States.

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Francis Holland said...

Who will be John McCain's running mate? How about Pat Buchanan, to firm up McCain's support on the right?