Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin: Tar Baby?

Eddie Griffin urges Caution

Friday, August 29, 2008

Who would have thought that John McCain would make a “steal your thunder” comeback, after Barack Obama hit it out of the park last night? No sooner had the confetti settled, John McCain shocked the world by selecting Alaska Gov.
Sarah Palin.

OMG, we were still hung over from last night’s jubilation and, WHAM!

“Wow. This is like a knife to the jugular for Obama and the Dems,” writes Sylvia.

Gina blogs: For those who read and contemplate political strategies, everyone is buzzing about Senator John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, and the first ever female GOP VP pick… This was a game changer. McCain is taking all of the oxygen out of the newsrooms this morning.

Gina observes that there was only the appearance of Hillary Clinton voters reconciled and unified with the Barack Obama supporters. What people see as festering in this deep seated wound in the Democratic Party provides opportunity for John McCain to tap into former Hillary supports.

Baratunde writes: - this is a big move by mccain, but i don't like to throw the word brilliant around lightly, and this is not brilliant. it is big. it is desperate. it is also risky.

- oh, and as for a group of political reporters believing this was a game changer, that's fine. but that doesn't make it so, and it doesn't say which way the game will end. political reporters, especially groups of them, have been known to be wrong again and again and again. if anything, their unanimity makes me suspicious.

RESPONSE FROM: Eddie Griffin

It is my habit to work from the “worse case scenario”. If we can find the solution to the worse case situation, all other problems become feasible for solutions.

What problem does Sarah Palin present to the Democratic Party? None, I see. Other than being the first female GOP Vice President candidate, she is a non-factor and a potential “tar baby”. If the Dems fight against her, they can only become entangled.

I subscribe to the Theory of Self-Destruction, as in John McCain being his own worst enemy. The less you bother, the more inclined to self-destruct.


Anonymous said...

I was not sure where to ask this . . .

Cindy McCain just goes to Burma and brings John back a child. Nice for the child and must be a lovely souvenir for the McCains - but can any one just "pick up" a child and bring them home?

I ask because I have childless friends who have suffered all sorts of red tape and governmental restrictions in trying to adopt a foreign born child.

Is this another case of "those that have seven homes can and those that work for a living are derned lucky to be employed?"

Francis Holland said...

I agree with you, Eddie, that attacking Poelin could just turn her into a symbol of struggle, while it might just be better to point out, over and over again, that no one knows who the hell she is, and John McCain's longevity is in question, given his age and his cancer.

This Polen woman is to women what Clarence Thomas is to Black people. She looks like women, but she hates their best interests.

Meanwhile, I have no idea how McCain's wife was able to go shopping in Burma and come home with a baby, when it takes others years to accomplish the same thing. Maybe she didn't go through Customs?