Saturday, September 27, 2008

Agent X Says Obama Won the First Presidential Debate

AgentX has left a new comment on your post "The First Obama McCain Debate is Victory for Georg...":

Me and the Pundit were talking about this on the Political Slugfest [online radio talk show] last night and it's pretty much a win for Obama. The CNN and CBS undecided voter polls show a clear swing to Obama.

McCain was not on his game tonight. He came across as uncalm, angry, and condescending. And this was his strong suit. I shudder to think how he's gonna do on Domestic Policy (surge of troops in the hood, remember that?? I hope the moderator brings that up) and Economy (the last topic I think). More people now trust Obama on Foreign Policy than McCain. Tonight and that Katic Couric interview by Palin have cost McCain huge points in the pollz. If you trust the pollz that is.

I'm not taking chances. I already registered absentee.


Francis Holland said...

I thought McCain's Reagan-like refrain was effective for him last night, always returning to the point that "Mr. Obama doesn't seen to understand that . . ."

Of course, it doesn't play quite as well in the same week that McCain confused the president of Spain with the leaders of Latin America, and then went on to propose that Spain be treated as Latin America would be.

Anonymous said...

Obama jumped on that like a thanksgiving turkey during the debate. He also caught the Kissenger quote mistake that McCain made.

Update: When McCain mentioned the bracelet he got from a soldier's mom, Obama too said he got a bracelet from a deceased soldier's mom. Well, after the debate, the McCain camp said that the mother who gave Sen. Obama the bracelet said that she didn't want him to mention it in public. True, but when she saw it in the debate, she was ecstatic. However, the McCain camp pushed a lie about that, then an Obama spokesman went on FAUX news to explain. But the FOX producers cut his mike while he was telling the truth. (Countdown MSNBC Monday show)

Once again, FOX proves it's McCain's network.