Monday, September 15, 2008

Video Shows McCain Lying about Iraq, Economy, Taxes and Katrina

I think that because John Sydney Mcain, III (or 4th?) lies in the above video about Iraq, the American economy,his position on taxes and Katrina, it's safe to say that John McCain would say anything to get elected.


Anonymous said...

You fn' tree hugging, disrespectful, unrealistic liberals and die hard Democrats need to all move to California. Then, let us all pray for the 'Big One' to it break off and we shall call it 'LA LA Land.'

I am disgusted, ashamed with what so much of America has become. I seriously doubt that this is what our forefathers had envisioned for us.

Francis Holland said...

Anonymous, your comments show precisely why the US economy is going down the drain and needs a trillion dollar bailout. Your comment shows why the infant mortality rate in some populations of the US South is three times as great as it is in Cuba.

You think that supporting McCain is "realistic", but probably haven't read the position papers by his adviser Holtz-Eakin who says that the US is spending about the right amount in lives and money in Iraq, and so we have the ability to take on even more wars simultaneously.

I wonder if the trillion dollar deregulation bailout changes his calculus at all?

Anonymous said...

Hey Francis,

Did you watch the debate?? As far as Presidential material goes, my vote is for McCain... Obama, oh what an idiot...I will say that maybe in 20 or so years he may have the experience that he needs to be a good President. But he came off as inexperienced, uninformed, and just plain, wet behind the ears kind of candidate. However, should he ever decide to be a motivational speaker, he would be one of the best. He does talk a good game and could probably sell ice to an Eskimo.. As for the economy and who is to blame, well that list could be very long but it started in the Clinton administration. Bush walked into a total mess with our nation's security compromised and our economy headed to certain doom. I'm convinced the next President of the United States will have a long road ahead of them and are fighting an uphill, thankless battle. Iraq could have been avoided had Clinton done his job right and gotten Bin Ladin back when he was in office. Bush should have just dropped the A bomb on their a@@ and called it a day. That's all those people have ever know 'war' and 'death.'I'm not crazy about either one of the candidates, but I would trust John McCain with mine and my family's lives. I don't feel that the democrats or their candidate have done a good job up on capital hill for the past few years. lastly, I have browsed around and read your stuff and I can see how you lean. People like you and the people leaning on the other side are part of the problem. If we continue to be so one sided and not meet in the middle or work together were playing right into the devils hands....
chow for now
I'll be back..

Francis Holland said...

Anonymous, I watched the debate. McCain said over and over again, in a Reagan-like fashion, "I think you just don't understand", in an attempt to drive home his thesis that Obama would lack experience.

The problem is, and everybody knows it, that McCain got us into the Iraq War and now he has no plan to get us out. He ignores the Afghanistan war, even though it's killing more us US soldiers than Iraq is now.

And McCain wants to expand the wars in the Middle East. McCain did a great job of expressing his undying support for Israel, without stating explicitly that that would lead him into war with Iran. But it would, and has top adviser, Douglas Holz-Eakin, has said as much.

McCain has been in Washington 22 years, watching the country get into the mess that it's in now, and providing some critical votes and support to this mess along the way, 90% of the time.

Between McCain and the battery of lobbyists that run his campaign, they probably have hundreds of years of experience - fleecing the American taxpayer on behalf of the rich and well-connected.

Americans want change and, precisely because McCain is so entrenched in the lobbyist merry-go-round, we know we will not get that change from John McCain.