Thursday, September 4, 2008

Secret Thoughts: From a Frog to a Prince

Satire by Eddie Griffin

Thursday, September 04, 2008

When they turn the frog into a prince, we’ll have to fight like hell to keep him from becoming king and taking the throne. Frogs don’t go on to become king. He is a frog.

Why eight is enough? Is eight years of deepening depression enough? Is eight houses enough? If eight is enough, then we have one Supreme Court Justice too many.

Read my lips: No new war.

White man speaks with forked tongue. Peace pipe, no work magic!

Who do I hate today? The Viet Cong? The American Indian and other related savages? The Japanese because of Pearl Harbor? Al-Qaeda because of 9/11? How about the Communist Chinese? Or, the Russians? I know, today I hate the Taliban, tomorrow the Palestinians? I hate Mexicans that sneak across the border. I hate the African-American hip-hop low lifes. Tell me, who do I hate, today?

Surely, the frog is wise enough to know. As a prince, he will give me a hate list, enlist me in his army, and send me out to fight the enemy of the day… as long as the enemy is not the white man, upon whose shoulders he would build his castle… as if eight is not enough.

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Anonymous said...
Incoming scandal!

Cindy McCain's Drug addiction issue has come back big time! I thought this would be an October surprise, but it seems it couldn't wait.

Goshinki is the whistleblower who states that 15 years ago that Mr. McCain knew about the addiction and used his influence to cover it up. He used to work for the non-profit Cindy was smuggling drugs from.

The WaPo is covering this as well in Friday's paper. Look for it.