Friday, June 27, 2008

McCain Jokes About Beating His Wife

On June 18, 2008, this blog predicted that John McCain's presidential candidacy would eventually be ended by one thing: that he called his wife a "cunt" and he can't deny it.

Now, Jack and Jill Politics points to an interview in which John McCain jokes about beating his wife. Jill Tubman says, "here's the money quote":
(On why he didn't choose Gov. Jim Gibbons to chair his Nevada campaign?)
MCCAIN: I appreciate his support. As you know, the lieutenant governor is our chairman.

JR: Why snub the governor?

MCCAIN: I didn’t mean to snub him,. I've known the lieutenant governor for 15 years and we've been good friends….I didn't intend to snub him. There are other states where the governor is not the chairman.

JR: Maybe it's the governor's approval rating and you are running from him like you are from the president?)

MCCAIN: (Chuckling) And I stopped beating my wife just a couple of weeks ago….
Really? Joking about beating Cindy the Rodeo Queen? Not cool. Not appropriate. This is the man who seeks to be our country's chief representative in diplomacy with other countries? Ugh.

Man, I cannot wait for the Obama-McCain debates to begin. That is going to be incredible. Cuz Grandpa ain't got no game, nah mean?
On the one hand, I want to caution readers that Arnold Schwartznegger was elected governor of California in spite on considerable evidence of misogyny on his part in the somewhat distant past. On the other hand, there's mounting evidence that McCain always was and continues to be Jurasic on matters of women's rights and dignity, which only exacerbates the perception that he's just to f**cking old to be president.

Ultimately, it's going to come down to one thing. He called his wife a "cunt" in front of reporters, and NOBODY does that. Or if they do, sooner or later their wife will be seeking refuge from them in a battered women's shelter, it it hasn't happened many times already.

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Senator John McCain pointed out to Senator Barack Obama that terrorism was a global problem, noting that 3 Brazilian soldiers had been killed by terrorists in the previous week. "That's terrible," a startled Barack Obama stammered in reply. "How many is a Brazilian?"