Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fetch My Axe Criticizes McCain "Crotch Shot" Graphic Seen Here

On Saturday, May 24, we ran a graphic here in which a yawning vagina proclaims: "John McCain called his wife a 'cunt' in public, in front of reporters. Vaginas are beautiful. John McCain is disgusting."


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The purpose of the graphic was simply to draw attention, in the most graphic possible way, to the fact that John McCain called his wife a "cunt" in public, and no man who would do that should be president of the male and female United States.

Why Did Sen. McCain Call His Wife a "Cunt"
in Public? (original article)

However, the Fetch My Axe blog takes exception to the graphic image, saying that it offends her and may offend other women and discourage them from reading this blog. The Fetch My Axe blog says:

And so then, I go to this -other- blog, and well, first of all, do not go here during work, because halfway down the front page is a nice big pink picture of a woman's vulva.

-Why- is there a seemingly completely gratuitous crotch shot on this blog called "The Truth About McCain?" Well,
I apologize in advance for this graphic image of female anatomy, but
I just can't think of another way of dramatizing the shock I feel that
John McCain called his wife a "cunt" in public, in front of reporters.
uh. maybe think harder.

I mean, appreciate the viva la vulva sentiment and all? but, well, "shocking" is really fucking boring. Just post the damn quote, you know? -I- hadn't heard it before, it would've been plenty on its own. Really. I wasn't looking to have my bourgeois epat├ęd; I was looking for -useful- shit. and: JiSM? the name of your blog is "JiSM?" (John Sydney McCain, geddit?! HAW HAW) Really? god, I'd almost forgotten why I'd been avoiding all this shit for so long...

Really, though, Beavis: wtf? Who is your intended audience here, and what is it you're trying to communicate? Serious question.

also, per the euphemism:

"if you're posting the picture, you really ought to be able to type it."

it's not C$%t. It's CUNT. mkay?

He (allegedly) called his wife a cunt, as an insult, in public, for teasing him about his hair. This would make him a mean, abusive, sexist (not to even mention racist-slur-throwing and gay-baiting and...) jerk with anger management issues and a bad tendency to gratuitously alienate and repel people, even the ones that are on his side. It sort of writes itself, really. Fetch My Axe
I certainly want to be sensitive to female and male readers, and I also want to express my utter contempt for a man who would refer to his wife in this way, degrading her in front of reporters, no less. I also think that expressing utter contempt for John McCain now may be part of the recipe for defeating him at the polls in November.

I want to know what readers think, so I've placed a poll in the sidebar, particularly with respect to referring to John Sydney McCain as "JiSM". If there is an outpouring of sentiment from Democrats and Independents that this is inappropriate, then I will remove it from the top of the blog and stop including it in the text.

The second poll asks readers whether I went too far with the graphic. If Democratic and Independent readers agree that I went to far, then I will not use this graphic again at this blog for the foreseeable time being.


Anonymous said...

I say the graphic is fine. This is a no-holds barred election and anything goes.
That and the website will soon refresh with new and awesome dirt.
Like this video and topic which you have GOT to cover.

McCain made a pathetic speech to a small crowd in Kenner, LA, on the same day as Obama won the nomination and made his speech. In the speech, he lies and even tries to laugh but fails. It was called the worst political speech ever.
Look for the Daily Show video which dissects his speech. But first, add this video to the site.
Pop-up Double Talk covers a lot of the lies in McCain's speech.

Yvette said...

I'm a female reader and I find it hilarious. If someone is too immature to look at a vagina, what are they doing talking politics?


Francis Holland said...

Thanks, Blue. That's how I feel about it too. The polls at this blog on this seem to be about evenly divided so far.