Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why Did Sen. McCain Call His Wife "Cunt" in Public?


The graphic artist is also editor of the Francis L. Holland Blog.

I apologize in advance for this graphic image of female anatomy, but I just can't think of another way of dramatizing the shock I feel that John McCain called his wife a "cunt" in public, in front of reporters. So, here's a photo of the reference McCain made to his wife in front of reporters. I hope this will spark a discussion of whether a man who says things like this should be president of the United States.

In this video, JiSM reiterates his opposition to a Congressional bill that would restore women's right to seek court redress when they discover that they are being paid less than their male counterparts for the same work. The U.S. Supreme Court has held, and JiSM agrees, that if a woman discovers she is being underpaid AFTER the filing deadline has run on her claim then she can NEVER sue about it, even if that means she will continue to be underpaid for the rest of her natural life with the employer.

Of course, employers are ecstatic with this ruling. If they can just hide from women the fact that they are being underpaid until the filing deadline on their claim expires, then they can continue to underpay these women for the rest of their lives!

JiSM called his own wife a "c*&t" in front of reporters once. Considering how little respect he has for his own wife, it's no surprise he doesn't believe women should receive equal pay for the same work.

So, who should be John McCain's vice presidential running-mate? The foremost criteria should be sanity. John McCain needs a running-mate whose level-headed sanity balances McCain's post-torture explosiveness, and McCain needs a running-mate who has never called his wife a "cunt" in public, in front of reporters.


Anonymous said...

John McCain needs to be run off the campaign, but in the meantime, he needs a running mate who can clean up his verbal diarrhea like this incident.

belledame222 said...

I apologize in advance for this graphic image of female anatomy, but I just can't think of another way of dramatizing the shock I feel that John McCain called his wife a "cunt" in public, in front of reporters.

uh. maybe think harder. I mean, appreciate the viva the vulva sentiment and all? but, well, "shocking" is really fucking boring. Just post the damn quote, you know? -I- hadn't heard it before, it would've been plenty on its own. Really. I didn't come here looking to have my bourgeois epated. and: JiSM? Really? god, I'd almost forgotten why I'd been avoiding all this shit for so long...

I'm just really glad I didn't go here from work, eh?

Seriously, though, dude: wtf? Who is your intended audience here, and what is it you're trying to communicate? Serious question.

Francis Holland said...

BelleDamme 22, I am very much against vulgarity, and you'll find that I virtually never swear at my twenty or so blogs.

However, I am infuriated that John McCain called his wife that word, in public and in front of reporters, and nonetheless runs for president as an advocate of family members.

The national media has yet to ask John McCain to confirm or deny what he called his wife, although there is a video on this site where he refuses to deny it.

I hope that by posting this shocking graphic I can help to push this question into the national conversation: "What kind of man calls his wife this name in public, in front of reporters?"

If my readers believe that the harm done by the photograph is outweighs the harm done when the nation remains ignorant of who and what John McCain really is, then I would probably remove this photograph, because my intention is to inform and motivate my readers rather than to deeply offend them.

My hope is to cause the sort of stir that John Maplethorp did with his photographs, but with the outcome being that Americans become generally aware of the foul and vile name that John McCain called his wife in public.

As shocking as this photograph is, if that occurs then it will have achieved it purpose and we all will be better off for it.

John Mccain's initials almost spell "JiSM, but for the lack of one vowel, and his middle name is "Sydney". I hope voters will accord him no more respect than his initials would seem to call for.

Believe me, if I don't call him this now, then we all will be calling him this in a year, when American young men and women are dying by the scores in Iran, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of Iranians who would die in the first-strike nuclear attacks that many John McCain advisers and supporters seem to believe is a good idea.

So, my purpose of calling John Mcain "JiSM" is to brand him with a name that signifies the grosses disrespect, consistent with the vile plans he has for America and the world should he be elected president. If that helps to prevent him from becoming president of the United States, I hope it will all be worth it. But, I'm also very sensitive to readers and take your comments very seriously as they are received.