Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Bomb, Bomb" McCain has Lost His Bearings (Video)

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Anonymous said...

In a related matter, I have an e-dump for ya to shift thru this week.
Numerous pundits and experts have said that McCain's temper and military experience not only make him unfit to serve, but also likely to trigger a nuclear war.
Buchanan (and by extension Paul Begalia the Dem strategist) says that McCain will make Cheney look like Gandhi.

Towards the middle of this link is an article by Jeffrey St. Clair who writes that McCain is the "Most Likely to trigger a nuclear war" and this horrific incident shows why.
In 1992, Robin Silver and Bob Witzeman went to meet with McCain at his office in Phoenix to discuss Mt. Graham. Silver and Witzeman are both physicians. Witzeman is now retired and Silver works in the emergency room at Phoenix hospital. The doctors say that at the mention of the words Mount Graham McCain erupted into a violent fit. "He slammed his fists on his desk, scattering papers across the room", Silver tells us. "He jumped up and down, screaming obscenities at us for at least 10 minutes. He shook his fists as if he was going to slug us. It was as violent as almost any domestic abuse altercation."

Witzeman left the meeting stunned: "I'm a lifelong environmentalist, but what really scares me about McCain is not his environmental policies, which are horrid, but his violent, irrational temper. I think McCain is so unbalanced that if Vladimir Putin told him something he didn't like he'd lose it, start beating his chest about having his finger on the nuclear trigger. Who knows where it would stop. To my mind, McCain's the most likely senator to start a nuclear war."

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Also in that article, found here
is evidence of McCain threatening and losing his temper with Federal Employees, in violation of federal law (brownbeating).
In the spring of 1989, the Forest Service began to raise questions about the project. Worried about the impacts on the endangered Mt. Graham red squirrel, Jim Abbott, the supervisor of the Coronado National Forest, ordered a halt to road construction at the site. The delay infuriated McCain. On May 17, 1989, Abbott got a call from Mike Jimenez, McCain's chief of staff. Jimenez told Abbot that McCain was angry and wanted to meet with him the next day. He told Abbott to expect "some ass-chewing". At the meeting, McCain raged, threatening Abbott that "if you do not cooperate on this project [bypassing the Endangered Species Act], you'll be the shortest tenured forest supervisor in the history of the Forest Service." Unfortunately for McCain, there was a witness to this encounter, a ranking Forest Service employee named Richard Flannelly, who recorded the encounter in his notebook. This notebook was later turned over to investigators at the GAO.

A few days later, McCain called Abbott to apologize. But the call sounded more like an attempt to bribe the Forest Supervisor to go along with the project. According to a 1990 GAO report on the affair, McCain "held out a carrot that with better cooperation, he would see about getting funding for Mr. Abbott's desired recreation projects". Environmentalists attempted to bring an ethics complaint against McCain, citing a federal law that prohibits anyone (including members of Congress) from browbeating federal agency personnel. The Senate ethics committee never pursued the matter. When the GAO report, condemning McCain, surfaced publicly, McCain lied about the encounter, calling the allegations "groundless" and "silly"

He routinely violates federal law and gets away with it.
Here's that link to a US Veteran I told you about who says that being a POW should Disqualify someone from being President, and he gives damn good reasons why not.,15202,164859_1,00.html

But wait, there's more.

Anonymous said...

In this article from march, an analyst determined that McCain would be far more hawkish against Russia and China than Bush currently is.
From the article
``This is a man who hasn't seen a country he doesn't want to bomb or invade,'' said Ivo Daalder, a former National Security Council aide in the Clinton administration who has advised Democrat Barack Obama in his run for the White House.

By emphasizing his ``more moderate approach on detainee policy and climate change,'' the former naval aviator has been able to cloak his ``more hawkish position on non-proliferation, China and Russia,'' said Daalder.
The perception that McCain is less bellicose than the administration is belied by his own positions. He's skeptical about Bush's plan to provide nuclear fuel to North Korea. He has signaled he would be tougher on China. And he called Russia's elections ``rigged'' even as Bush said he wanted a ``close'' relationship with the president-elect.

``On Russia and China, he is clearly more hawkish than Bush,'' said Ken Weinstein, chief executive officer of the Hudson Institute, a research group in Washington.