Thursday, May 1, 2008

McCain Pastor Says America is Damned!

If you're a Republican presidential candidate and your skin is white, then your pastor can curse and damn America as much as he wants, and the media doesn't care. Take John McCain's favorite pastor, John Hagee. Apparently whitosphere blogger Bruce Wilson at has read from Hagee's 1997 book, "Day of Deception", and here's what he found, and his comments:
"As a nation, America is under the curse of God, even now." That ominous slam at America came from Pastor John Hagee, whose endorsement Republican presidential candidate John McCain sought, secured, and recently affirmed to ABC News that he is "glad to have." Hagee claims God's "curse" and "doom" is upon America because of two key issues: reproductive freedom and broad support for the teaching of the theory of evolution.

Although Senator McCain recently told George Stephanopoulos in an interview that his seeking of Hagee's endorsement was "probably" a mistake, he then doubled back to affirm his approval of Hagee's endorsement, stating, "I'm glad to have it.

"If McCain did not know of Hagee's belief that God is against America, he should have: Hagee's pronouncement of God's "curse" and "doom" on our nation was not a passing comment. It was a major theme of Hagee's book, Day of Deception (1997). In fact, Hagee devotes a whole chapter to it. Here's the curse and doom quote in context:

In "America Under a Curse," a seventeen page chapter in "Day of Deception" ($0.01 cents used at Amazon.Com), John Hagee wrote, "As a nation, America is under the curse of God, even now. Look at the scriptures and see for yourself. The stand we have taken on abortion, the stand we have taken against God in our classrooms, just may have sealed or doom."

( . . . )

America is also collectively cursed for specific reasons, such as legalized abortion and a Supreme Court decision against sectarian Bible classes in public schools but also, more generally, for rebelling against God. As a consequence of America's disobedience and rebellion, according to McCain-endorser John Hagee, God's has cursed America and that curse has caused American military defeats, in Korea and Vietnam, plagues such as AIDS and social blights like violent crime. God's curse on America has also led "hundreds of thousands" to secretly sacrifice children to the devil.

If John McCain and John Hagee were Democrats or, even worse, Black Democrats, then this would be big news. As a professor once told me in law school, if you want to convince the public of something, you have to base it on a theme in which they already believe. Since many white people already believe that Blacks aren't really American (we're not white afterall), it's a simple matter to convince them that we're unpatriotic and anti-America.

If John McCain and John Hagee were Democrats or, even worse, Black Democrats, then this would be big news. After all, the Rev. John Hagee, founder of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, "has called the Catholic Church "the great whore of Babylon" and "the anti-Christ." But, since they're white men, they can damn America as much as they want. It's their country, afterall?

The author is the editor of the Truth About McCain Blog and the American Journal of Color Arousal (AMJCA).

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