Saturday, May 10, 2008

Republican's Party Down, and McCain's Out of His Mind

Politico.Com says that the Republican Party is tanking in special elections and in opinion polls in the run-up to the November General Election, [which bodes ill for John McCain, particularly since he is simultaneously losing his bearings.]
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Sen. John Mccain
McCain risks looking inauthentic and conventional if he solidifies standing with conservatives and then races back to the middle to appeal to swing voters.
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John McCain is planning to run as a different kind of Republican. But being any kind of Republican seems like some sort of death sentence these days.

In case you’ve been too consumed by the Democratic race to notice, Republicans are getting crushed in historic ways both at the polls and in the polls.

At the polls, it has been a massacre. In recent weeks, Republicans have lost a Louisiana House seat they had held for more than two decades and an Illinois House seat they had held for more than three. Internal polls show that next week they could lose a Mississippi House seat that they have held for 13 years.

In the polls, they are setting records (and not the good kind). The most recent Gallup Poll has 67 percent of voters disapproving of President Bush; those numbers are worse than Richard Nixon’s on the eve of his resignation. A CBS News poll taken at the end of April found only 33 percent of Americans have a favorable view of the GOP — the lowest since CBS started asking the question more than two decades ago. By comparison, 52 percent of the public has a favorable view of the Democratic Party. Politico.Com
In a way, Hillary Clinton has been right in her analysis. Blacks will certainly vote for Obama, as will the whites who have put Obama over the top in the polls. In the current environment many Independents and even some Republicans will support Barack Obama for president. So, the only question is whether white voters who support Hillary Clinton would rather elect the first Black president or would rather vote to continue the Iraq War for 100 years, while also starting a fresh war with Iran before the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are concluded. The answer will tell us an awful lot about the progressive bonafides of Hillary Clinton supporters.


Unknown said...

Hey, keep up the good work!

I love what your doing, anything and everything to put a Dem in the White House!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder what the real reason why McCain is at the top of the ticket.
Maybe they know he's going to lose, so they give him a throw-away chance like they did Bob Dole.

In today's update, it has come to my attention that McCain has more lobbyists than a football team.

Speaking of those lobbyists, one of them worked for the infamous regime in Burma.
He has since left the campaign after that was revealed, but this gives me an idea; Mr. Holland, if someone gave you a list of McCain lobbyists, would you go on a 'fishing expedition' to find out what these guys have REALLY been up to? I'm sure you'd find another Burma up in there...

Francis Holland said...

Thanks, Tom and Agent X!