Monday, May 5, 2008

McCain Joke Calls Hillary an Ugly Lesbian

Slate reports, "When [John McCain] got caught telling a dumb, nasty joke about Chelsea Clinton--the kind of crack that might cripple the career of someone else in Congress--he apologized immediately, was forgiven by the president." "The idiotic joke, which McCain told at a Republican fund-raiser, went something like this:"
"Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father and Hillary Clinton is her mother." Audience members gasped.


Anonymous said...

Well now. Calling his wife a C*nt and then the lesbian jokes.
Certainly he is playing up to his bigoted base, huh?
Anyway, as promised, I have videos of Pastor Hagee wacko sermons.This one contains the Catholicism is the Great Whore sermon.

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama has repeatedly refused John McCain's debate challenges. Obama told McCain that he wants a speed-reading contest instead. "We'll both be given a teleprompter and whoever reads his talking points faster will be the winner," explained Obama. "No contest. You're a lawyer," conceded McCain. "I can't talk out of both sides of my mouth like you can."

Francis Holland said...

Anonymous, that sounds like a joke targeting both Obama and McCain, with Obama getting the worst of it.