Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mr. "Straight-Talk" is a Straight-up Liar

In the above video, which I found over at the AfroSpear's Jack and Jill Politics, JiSM contradicts himself about New Orleans (Bush should have been there and not at John McCain's birthday party), and he contradicts himself about the Bush tax cuts (he voted both for them AND against them, he says; and he contradicts himself about the economy ("There's an argument to be made that it has improved," but "No, I don't think it has improved," he says; and he contradicts himself about his security during his trip to Iraq (he says it was so safe that he didn't need body armor, but news clips show that he did). Oh, just watch the news clips and see for yourself.

JiSM can't can't his story straight, and that's because he lies according to needs of the moment, and then can't remember what he last said.

Oh yeah! Catch the part where John McCain says on numerous occasions that he doesn't know anything about the US economy! Just what we need, as we're slipping into a depression!

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