Sunday, June 8, 2008

John McCain Embarrassed in David Duke's Kenner, Louisiana

In the above video, John Sydney McCain, III (JiSM) bungles through one of the most awful speeches possible on the same night that Senator Barack Obama claims the Democratic nomination. The Appletree Blog says, "How bad was John McCain's speech? REAL bad!" So, watch the above video.

I can't help wondering what JiSM was doing in Kenner, Louisiana in the first place:
After spending a year in federal prison for mail fraud and tax evasion, David Duke was allowed to spend the final weeks of his sentence in a halfway house in Louisiana in April 2004. Needing employment to meet eligibility requirements, he worked for EURO (the European-American Unity and Rights Organization), his white supremacist propaganda organization.

Duke's sentence ended in mid-May 2004. To celebrate his freedom and to promote unity among white supremacist groups, EURO sponsored a conference on May 28-30 in Kenner, Louisiana, near New Orleans. Several significant neo-Nazi and racist figures attended the event, including speakers John Tyndall, founder of the British National Party; top National Alliance lieutenant Kevin Alfred Strom; Don Black, founder of the pioneering white supremacist Web site Stormfront; Willis Carto of the American Free Press and The Barnes Review; anti-Semitic attorney Edgar J. Steele; and Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf. In his own remarks, Duke urged the audience of 250 not to characterize themselves as white supremacists and racists but as devoted to the "white civil rights cause." AntiDefamationLeauge
Maybe JiSM though his speech would be so well received based on color-arousal that it's delivery made no difference.

I was one of those who initially believed that a third Clinton term would be a good idea, and that Hillary Clinton would be a shoe-in, with support from her ex-president husband. But, it turned out that Americans desperately wanted change, and so Obama will be nominated and there will be no third term of the Clinton Administration.

I can't help but think that this is a bad omen for John Sydney McCain, III (JiSM) and a good omen for America. America is simply not interested in perpetuating the policies and personages of the past this year. And the above video shows that JiSM has turned himself into a carbon copy of George W. Bush. Ever notice how carbon copies are often more emphatic than the originals themselves?

But look at the Jon Stewart send up of the above John McCain speech.

Above, here's Fox News panning the John McCain speech, saying "The oratorical gap between this speech and John McCain's speech was vast. John McCain sounded old." When Fox News pans a Republican speech, you know the guy's in trouble. "If it's a contest between speeches, Barack Obama is going to win."

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